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Video Study 101

Video study can be the one factor that can help separate you and your program from the majority. I believe that many coaches and parents do not take the time to review and correct from video, mostly because it becomes so time consuming. I, for one, have been guilty of this many times thru the years.

I believe that

How the hell do we get better on the mat?

3 Things:

1. Have a system

  • I think you need progression drills on both top and bottom.
  • The worst thing on either of these positions is to be in a holding pattern.
  • Here are some ideas and options for Top Work Transitions.

2. Talk about it constantly

  • Emphasize that takedowns win matches, but top work wins championships.
  • Convince
Stay Away from Honors and AP Classes! What?!

Stay Away from Honors and AP Classes! What?!

When we are talking about college bound students, not just student-athletes, we tend to assume that Honors and AP classes in high school will help. In my ten years of recruiting, I have found just the opposite to be true. I also thought that the academic side of our institution would be troubled

Learn How to Lose

Learn How to Lose – PART 1

  1. Chase the best competition, both in the practice room and in actual competition. Stay away from going down a weight or up a weight for a better chance at better results. Test yourself often.
  1. Nobody cares about your record – nobody! State titles are a dime a dozen. College coaches care about quality wins.
7 Keys to Becoming Recruitable

7 Keys to Becoming Recruitable


1. GPA/Test Score

Number one and by far number one is your academic success thus far. There is nothing that is more aligned to one’s character that GPA. Not to mention that the NCAA has been cracking down on college institutions to increase graduation rates in athletics. Each athletic program now has an APR (academic progress rate),

cutting weight

Why cutting weight is for the birds

No matter what level you are at, you have to get better at wrestling. Period.

It took me longer to buy into this than most (that I know). I truly thought for a very long time that you have to feel the “weight cut” pain to be tough. Looking back, I thought that cutting all that weight

Play to your strengths

Play to your strengths

I don’t understand why so many coaches (at all levels) spend so much time continuing to teach new hold after new hold. I’m a firm believer of fine-tuning. I understand correcting mistakes (to a certain extent), but why not spend your most time where you are good? Chances are, these are the holds/positions that are going to