Learn How to Lose

Learn How to Lose

Learn How to Lose – PART 1

  1. Chase the best competition, both in the practice room and in actual competition. Stay away from going down a weight or up a weight for a better chance at better results. Test yourself often.
  1. Nobody cares about your record – nobody! State titles are a dime a dozen. College coaches care about quality wins. Who did you beat? Placing high at national tournaments is also great, but whom did you beat in the process? Quality wins are king.
  1. There is also something to be said about quality losses. Now, you will eventually have to beat some quality opponents, but if you are closing the gap with a top ranked opponent, that is a recipe for success. There isn’t much better than closing the gap each time you wrestle someone good (and eventually beating them). That is the ultimate testament of progress…
  1. LEARN! *Most important. What you take away from a loss is crucial.
    1. Was it Technical – You have some work to do.
    2. Was it Mental – You have some work to do.
    3. Did you flat out got whipped – you have a lot of work to do.

Your Attitude after a loss will determine who you really are, as well as your future success. Getting pissed is one thing, throwing a fit is unacceptable. You had your opportunity, you lost, what are you going to do about it??


Take Action

1. Workout that night – Nothing will have a greater impact than putting in work while the loss is fresh.

High Emotion = High Adrenalin

2. Watch your video – See where you fell short and put the time in those positions.

Do not continue going thru the same routine after a loss…

3. Change – that’s why we lose, so we can pivot and make a change.


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Wrestling coach and former All-American, Coach Jon Sioredas has coached at the NCAA Division 1 level for the past decade and has been affiliated with several top 25 programs.

With twenty-five years in the wrestling world (fifteen as a competitor and ten now as a coach), Coach Sioredas shares his many thoughts and actions as he continues on this journey and strives to change lives through effective training and leadership.

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