Stay Away from Honors and AP Classes! What?!

Stay Away from Honors and AP Classes! What?!

Stay Away from Honors and AP Classes! What?!

When we are talking about college bound students, not just student-athletes, we tend to assume that Honors and AP classes in high school will help. In my ten years of recruiting, I have found just the opposite to be true. I also thought that the academic side of our institution would be troubled if I spoke out, but again, it was quite the opposite.

I will go ahead and add the footnote here… If you have a student that is making A’s in Honors and AP classes, then absolutely have them continue to take those courses. Also, these courses would most likely be a necessity if you are contending for acceptance into the Ivy League or other highly competitive universities, i.e. Stanford, Duke, etc.

Acceptance for most universities has to do with cumulative GPA. Although the Honors and AP courses will provide a weighted addition, this addition is typically not worth making a letter grade below. So, if I make an A in 11th grade English and my teammate makes a B in 11th Grade Honors English, I come out with a higher GPA.

High school guidance counselors tend to push many of the above average students into Honors and AP courses. Mostly for the fact, that it helps the overall school rating. The intentions of high schools administrators may be genuine in the fact that they want to challenge their students, but at what cost?

I spoke with a parent at a neighboring high school this week and he explained that his son, a current senior, was pushed to take Honors and AP courses. And, because of these courses, his son’s GPA has drop by 0.4. At our institution, that is the difference in 3k (12k over 4 years) of academic scholarship dollars.

Take Action

I challenge you to evaluate the risk involved in taking Honors and AP classes. Make sure that between your extracurricular activities and homework, that you also get the sleep you need. Honors and AP classes involves extra tests homework, and projects on top of an already demanding schedule. And, a lower grade in that Honors or AP class on your transcript may hurt you more than it helps you.

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