Video Study 101

Video Study 101

Video study can be the one factor that can help separate you and your program from the majority. I believe that many coaches and parents do not take the time to review and correct from video, mostly because it becomes so time consuming. I, for one, have been guilty of this many times thru the years.

I believe that video study can be one of the quickest ways to help make corrections with your athletes. Many mistakes and/or strategy (or lack there of) can only be seen in competition.

Video is also a great way to get through to the more stubborn wrestlers, the ones who struggle to make changes. When you show them on video what it looks like to walk back to the center, for example, instead of hustle. Or, if they have been getting beat in a certain position, video evidence is much more powerful than words.



It is one thing to skim thru video of opponents to make sure they do not have any trick holds that you will need to be aware of, but we have to be sure not to overdue it. Scouting for team trends may also a good idea. However, when you become obsessed with the details of the opposition, you can spend a too much time in an area that may not be the highest return on investment.

You must be careful not to prepare yourself or your wrestler with too many details on your opponent (more than one or two positions). I know this is hard to do with the typical “wrestler mentality” and especially with the digital age where we can find any video on nearly any opponent. But, having too much info can lead to becoming worried on what the opponent is going to do, and not enough on what we need to execute.


Take Action

Utilize video review as a teaching tool for each and every athlete that competes. Take the time and make a corrections list that they can work on during the week. Then, have them bring the list back the following week for the next video review. The ultimate goal is to continue to decrease “the list.” Once you eliminate mistakes, you will be damn hard to beat.

Take scouting with a grain of salt. Make sure you are diligent, but do not over due it. I know that you want to out-work your competition in every aspect, but make sure that you out-smart them by spending your time wisely. I would much rather have an additional hour to work with my guys than be starring at a screen trying to see if Joe Blow is going to shoot to our right leg or left leg next weekend.



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Wrestling coach and former All-American, Coach Jon Sioredas has coached at the NCAA Division 1 level for the past decade and has been affiliated with several top 25 programs.

With twenty-five years in the wrestling world (fifteen as a competitor and ten now as a coach), Coach Sioredas shares his many thoughts and actions as he continues on this journey and strives to change lives through effective training and leadership.


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