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Why cutting weight is for the birds

Why cutting weight is for the birds

No matter what level you are at, you have to get better at wrestling. Period.

It took me longer to buy into this than most (that I know). I truly thought for a very long time that you have to feel the “weight cut” pain to be tough. Looking back, I thought that cutting all that weight made me tough. No! There is no evidence that sucking the water weight out of your body makes you any tougher. I would consistently come up short when the going got tough (while cutting weight). It wasn’t until I went up a weight (or several, in my case) that I began to have success.

Even as a coach, I was stubborn for many years (up until a couple years ago actually). Now, don’t get me wrong, you do have to get your athlete’s body fat down. But, the bottom line is this… If I can kick your ass at 125, then I can kick your ass at 133. If you have two guys weighing in at the same weight, the better/tougher wrestler will win. That being said… Get better at wrestling. The best guys do not “cut weight” (with the exception of a very select few that do it successfully).

Let me support that statement “the best guys do not cut weight.” There has been numerous times where athletes go up a weight and have more success. I was one of them.

The so-called biggest guys at a weight that I have coached, have one thing in common – discipline! I wish I had a dollar for every person that said, “he is huge for that weight,” and the look on their face when I informed them that he never gets more than 7 lbs. over. No exceptions. The reason they look huge is because the have water in their cells. They made it a habit (check out “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg). These guys competed at an unbelievable level and are now successful in life.


Take Action

A good rule of thumb that we preach is:

5% Max / 3% Last Workout


125 lbs.

125 +5% -> 131 Before practice (max walk around weight)

125 +3% -> 129 Before practice (last workout before weigh-ins)

165 lbs.

165 +5% -> 173 Before practice (max walk around weight)

165 +3% -> 170 Before practice (last workout before weigh-ins)


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We try to stay away from negative motivation (especially with weight checks). So, instead of punishing the guys that waiver, give credit, time, and attention to the ones who buy into their weight management. And, encourage the ones who struggle to come ask for help.

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Wrestling coach and former All-American, Coach Jon Sioredas has coached at the NCAA Division 1 level for the past decade and has been affiliated with several top 25 programs.

With twenty-five years in the wrestling world (fifteen as a competitor and ten now as a coach), Coach Sioredas shares his many thoughts and actions as he continues on this journey and strives to change lives through effective training and leadership.

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